Day 154: Whisky or Whiskey?

Day 154 of the Nowhere To Be Project was whiskey-centric. Or, is it whisky-centric? Well, the answer apparently lies in the region in which the spirit was produced. We’re in Dublin (day 5 of the Viking British Isles Explorer voyage), so the “e” is absolutely essential. We learned all about the profound importance of whiskey (and Guinness) in Dublin’s culture. I would describe it as a religion. Maybe that’s why our bus driver had to dodge wobbly pedestrians three times in fifteen minutes?!?

Statue of Oscar Wilde in Merrion Square

While learning about the triple distilling process of Jameson Whiskey was fun, the highlight of Dublin for a bibliophile (turbo geek) like me was witnessing Oscar Wilde’s fingerprints on the city. Anyone who’s read his work knows that he was a trailblazer in more ways than one and it was so nice to feel somewhat connected to his spirit here in Dublin. His childhood home is currently used as a lecture hall for creative writing students. How inspiring is that?

Day 129: Tipsy Travel

On day 129 of the Nowhere To be Project we scheduled a tour of the original Jameson Whiskey Distillery in Dublin. We’ll be visiting Ireland in a few weeks and knew that it was an essential excursion. No matter where we are in the world, one of our favorite things to do is to seek out the local vintages, brews and spirits. We usually prefer to do it in local pubs because they usually provide an intimate connection to the culture of a place, but visiting distilleries, microbrews and vineyards offers unique opportunities for connecting more deeply with the libations of a locale as well. Some of our favorite tastes along the way have been the wines of France, the vodka of Russia, the Kölsch in Cologne, Germany Related Blog Post and the gluhwein of the European Christmas markets. We’re currently abstaining from alcohol as a sort of cleanse for the liver before the storm that will undoubtedly ensue on our upcoming British Isles Explorer voyage on the Viking Sky. If traveling tipsy is wrong, we certainly don’t want to be right.