Day 202: Plays Well With Food

Unusually, day 202 of the Nowhere To Be Project was not a travel day. That, of course, means that it was all about food. When I’m not traveling (and eating), I’m cooking at home (and eating). Food is most definitely a passion and since becoming vegan nearly a year and a half ago, I’ve had to renegotiate recipes and favorite meals. I’m not a salad eater nor am I a preachy vegan because I believe that everyone is entitled to their own lifestyle, food included. However, I know that eating more vegetables is never a bad thing. I wasn’t raised on vegetables (unless they were canned, haha), so it has been a transition to say the least. All I can say is that I’ve never felt better in my life and I chose to “go vegan” primarily for health reasons. Guess what? It’s working! My most recent blood work reveals superior levels on every single measure. Furthermore, I have no vitamin deficiencies despite the lack of the animal products and (somewhat frustratingly) my weight has stayed about the same. People often ask me how a true foodie can possibly avoid animal products. Here’s a glimpse into a recent day…


Soy “eggs” scrambled with soft herbed nut cheese, root vegetable hash browns and avocado


Crepes stuffed with sautéed veggies and cashew mascarpone-at the Café at the Bookworm of Edwards


Baked ravioli, stuffed asparagus and herbed toast

As you can see, no matter where I am I eat well. As a constant traveler, I’m forever trying new foods and hunting down vegan options wherever I go. I’m always happy to share my home recipes if you’re interested. Just reach out via email at, twitter or instagram.

Day 8: Genetics, Gravity and Nature

Good health is something that most of us take for granted. Sometimes though, life smacks you in the gut with an unpredicted health issue. I consider myself to be someone who is very health conscious. I exercise daily, eat a plant-based diet, sleep nine hours a night and mitigate the ill effects of life’s stressors in a variety of health-driven ways including a very generous consumption of red wine ☺️🍷. Thanks to technology, I am acutely aware of the genetic components of my overall health and wellness. This information guides my lifestyle and health care choices. Unfortunately, no one in my family really makes it to old age despite this abundant knowledge. I think this is why blowing it out in life each day is so very important to me.

Spending a day at the doctor’s office is never fun and certainly does not qualify as “blowing it out in life.” Especially when you’re presented with a potential health concern. Trying to solve the puzzle of a long life is enough to force one into an early grave. On paper, I do everything right and that still doesn’t offer a guarantee of good health or longevity. This notion is what led me to embark on the Nowhere To Be Project. This is why I decided to make the sheer joy of living every hour of every day my driving life force. This is why I retired at the age of 46. I sure can’t out run genetics, gravity or nature, but I know I can and do choose the scenic route over the fastest option each day. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll stretch this metaphorical gas tank well beyond what I thought was possible for my body.
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*The featured photograph was taken about a year ago at the catacombs of Paris.