Day 196: Steamboat Springs

Day 196 of the Nowhere To Be Project marked the end of our brief stay in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This wasn’t my first visit to this mountain town, but it was the first time I’ve visited without skiing as the main goal. I would describe Steamboat as a town that became a ski destination rather than the reverse. What I mean by this is that the whole town is not based solely on ski revenue as so many other ski towns seem to be. The downtown (old town) area has very relaxed blue collar feel to it despite the fact that the historic homes sell for millions. A local told me that the old run down homes are lovingly nicknamed “the downtown dumps”. The highlights of my time downtown were several cool examples of street art and a beautiful stone Catholic church that just screams “mountain town”!

There is a main drag in the old town area with a few rustic lodging options and countless boutiques and restaurants. Steamboat is dotted with umpteen bus stops for the free town bus which makes getting around a snap. A few miles from the busy downtown is the ski area. Right now is shoulder season as they transition from summer to winter mountain sports, so almost nothing was open and a lot of construction was taking place. While I wouldn’t describe the ski area with the same label of “blue collar”, it certainly isn’t glamorous or uppity like so many other Colorado ski towns. If you’re looking for a relaxed and comfortable mountain town to pass some time, Steamboat Springs could be your spot!

Day 56 – Newtown Vibes

Day 56 of the Nowhere To Be Project began in the Newtown suburb of Sydney, Australia. The area is easily accessible from downtown Sydney by train and offers a strong hippy vibe. The streets are full of shopping and dining venues with many of the restaurants focusing on vegan food. I fell in love with two boutiques: Social Clothing and Origami Doll. Social Clothing uses donated fabric remnants to create original designs. Their method prevents the fabric from ending up in landfills. I especially loved that the designers and seamstresses are visible in house! Origami Doll offers very unique and kitschy designs that put me in a fun Hello Kitty mood. Be sure to visit Newtown if you find yourself in Sydney!

After Newtown we jumped on the train and headed back to Circular Quay where we enjoyed cocktails at an outdoor bistro at Ivy. Ivy is a large venue with pubs, bistros, video games and a swimming pool. It is a literal oasis in the middle of Sydney and is a must see for sure!

Tomorrow ends our stay in Sydney. It has been a busy five days. We walked from corner to corner, traveling nearly forty miles on foot. We also enjoyed the affordability and efficiency of the public transportation. Sydney’s people and sights help to make it a destination worth visiting.