Day 212: Coffee at Dawn

Day 211 of the Nowhere To Be Project completely escaped me. I guess I’ve been too focused on indulging in all the yummy offers during Vail’s restaurant week. With that, Day 212 began with an amazing sunrise in the mountains. As the colors illuminated the sky, I sipped my coffee and munched on my vegan scrambled eggs on sourdough. Mornings like this make the 6am wake up call from the dog a bit easier to swallow. Did you find beauty n your day today?

Coffee at Dawn!

Day 46: May the Foam Be with You

Foam was the focus of day 46 of the Nowhere To Be Project . Nut milk foam, that is. Since going vegan, I have tried countless nut milks including almond, cashew, hazelnut and so on. I know that many people are switching to nut milk to cut back on or fully eliminate dairy and most have decent flavor. The main drawback of nut milk is that it usually doesn’t offer that heavy creamy texture of whole cow’s milk or half and half. This has been a struggle for me because I like heavy foam in my coffee each morning. Even with an industrial milk frother, I’ve not had much luck achieving that coveted deep foam with nut milks until now.

My perfect cup of coffee with steamed frothy almond milk and freshly ground cinnamon

Three Trees Organic Almond Milk is a game changer. I tried the unsweetened vanilla flavor for the first time last week and have already purchased it again. I was a bit hesitant at first because of the price ($7.99 USD at Whole Foods). This is double the amount that I usually spend for nut milk, but I was still chasing that elusive froth and foam. The vanilla bean specks visible throughout the milk sealed the deal and I tossed it in my buggy. At first taste, the milk was thick, creamy and bursting with rich flavor. Best of all though, when steamed and whipped, it produced the deepest most luscious foam I have ever had!  I can honestly say (and I have certainly not been compensated in any way by the company) that this is the best nut milk I have ever tried and will remain a loyal customer. Go try it! You will not be disappointed!