How Does Life Change When You Have Nowhere To Be?

How Does Life Change When You Have Nowhere To Be?

It is day 365 of the Nowhere To Be Project. This whole thing began a year ago on my first day of retirement, hence the name Nowhere To Be Project. I was 46 then and I decided that I’d had enough of juggling multiple jobs. I’d had my fill of spending every waking moment focused on producing things for others and decided to quit.

I’m the furthest thing from a reckless person and my decision to dive into early retirement felt so completely reckless! To say that people discouraged me from taking the plunge would be an epic understatement. When it came down to it though I just sensed that the time was right and I went for it.

While I have not have received a paycheck during the past 365 days, I have traveled to Hawaii, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Wales, England and extensively throughout the continental United States. I’ve been away from home far more than I’ve been home. I’ve wandered miles on winding streets, hiked towering mountains, tasted local delicacies, shopped countless vintage and farmer’s markets and petted hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of dogs!

Instead of writing thousands of words a day for others, I’ve read hundreds of thousands of words in long-hoarded books that have made me laugh, cry, loath, wonder, and dream. I’ve taken over 10,000 photographs of everything that has caught my eye throughout these nowhere-driven moments! I have also spent ample time crafting…sewing, needlework, knitting, all of which I adore and find endlessly therapeutic.

The first year of retirement wasn’t always hats and balloons. Unexpected health issues shook me to my core. Severe weather hampered a few trips. Pricey RV problems popped up in the most inconvenient places. My husband and I were robbed.

This initial year of having nowhere to be flew by almost as quickly as the myriad miles we’ve traversed. Many lifelong dreams have been satisfied as the seeds for new adventures were planted. The year has taught me so many things about myself, the world and others, but the most important thing I’ve learned is that time is the most precious gift that we can give ourselves. You can’t buy, beg or borrow time. It just is. Take it while you can.

Nowhere to Be Project

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