Day 98: Travelus Interruptus via Delta Airlines

Day 98: Travelus Interruptus via Delta Airlines

On Day 98 of the Nowhere To Be Project I found myself unexpectedly jetting back to Florida from Detroit due to a family situation that requires my immediate attention. I was bummed to have to leave my husband, the pup and the RV ( the Tiny Dancer, Too). Alas, they’ll forge on without me and I’ll rejoin them as soon as I am able.

Plenty of leg room, but where’s my aisle seat?

I found a nonstop flight from Detroit to Orlando on Delta Airlines. It was decently priced at just over $200 considering I was flying on such short notice. The seat was in their Comfort+ section. This is a slightly upgraded economy fare offering the option to change the flight at no charge, pre-boarding, a larger seat, designated overhead storage bins and free entertainment, snacks and alcoholic beverages. I reserved an aisle seat online, but for some reason ended up by the window in seat 10A, one row behind the First Class section of the airplane. Other than that hiccup, the experience was pleasant. The seat was large with a lot of legroom, the overhead bin was wide open and a flight attendant retrieved my bag from me with a smile and placed it in my assigned bin. Once we reached cruising altitude, I was offered an assortment of snacks (Oreos, bananas, crackers and pretzels) which I declined and a glass of wine which I accepted. Passengers in First Class were offered the exact same options. The two and half hour flight flew by with the help of Jason Bateman’s recent movie “Game Night”. The entertainment was available only to passengers seated in First Class or Comfort+. All in all, I was really impressed with the Comfort+ option. It offered nearly identical benefits to a First Class fare at about half the price. Who knows, Delta Airlines might just become my preferred airline now that I’ve given up on United? Check them out the next time you fly and let me know how it goes!

Complimentary wine and movies to pass time…

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