Day 92: Lake Hair, Should I Have Cared?

Day 92: Lake Hair, Should I Have Cared?

Day 92 of the Nowhere To Be Project was spent in Leland, an historic fishing village in the upper peninsula of Michigan. It is a quaint bevy of boutiques and restaurants. We popped into The Cove restaurant for lunch after admiring the sweet 1963 Corvette Stingray sitting out front. As we were enjoying a glass of local wine and contemplating the menu, a gentleman approached us and asked if we’d be willing to comment on our meals for a television program he’s producing called Seaside Snacks & Shacks. I’ve not seen the program, but was told that it airs on Food Network and the Cooking Channel. It just so happens that I skipped the shower, hairbrush and makeup this morning, so I was hesitant. I did brush my teeth, so that was a plus! Against my better judgement, my husband convinced me to do it (he’s always getting me into trouble:). It was all very quick and simple…some lights, microphones, a large camera and about ten minutes of questions. I guess we’ll see if my unintended grunge look makes the cut in July when the show airs.

Today made me think of all the uberbloggers I follow who always look like supermodels! Do they travel with stylists and lighting experts, or what? I am so busy enjoying the adventures of each day that I don’t have a lot of time left for primping. It wouldn’t be that practical for me either. I rode my scooter ten miles from the RV Park today to reach Leland, leaving my hair authentically wind blown! For some reason, I feel like something would be lost in the experiences if I was worrying about my appearance each day. What do you think? Should bloggers strive for magazine cover perfection, or should they just be real?

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  1. You’re so brave agreeing to be filmed ahaha, even though I’d like to, I’d probably say no straight away! Being real is always best. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that when the picture perfect bloggers are always the most successful/popular. I personally like to read a mixture of blogs, some relatable, and some glamorous, so it’s nice to have lots of different bloggers.
    jenny x |

  2. I’m always in favour of the real you than the dolled up perfect beauties some bloggers seem to be. It’s almost you need to be a model and MUA to reach a certain level among bloggers/vloggers… 🙂

  3. I think everyone’s best work is of their authentic self. Some people enjoy getting primped and glamorous every day and others do not. I’d like the think I’m somewhere inbetween but it is all valid and everyone is beautiful!

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