Day 91: Boon-Dockers We Aren’t

Day 91: Boon-Dockers We Aren’t

We were planning on boon-docking somewhere in Ontario on Day 91 of the Nowhere To Be Project. We had an epic fail when we realized that we forgot to fill up the fresh water tank before leaving Toronto. I was not at all up for a dehydrated night and called the RV resort in the upper peninsula of Michigan we had scheduled for tomorrow night to see if we could come a day early. Thankfully, they said “yes” and we’re on our way there now. I’ll take nine hours of driving over not being able to flush any day!

We’ve been on the road in our 2018 Winnebago Navion 24D since May 19. We’ve made literally every mistake that we promised ourselves we wouldn’t. We thought that our previous years of RVing had exhausted all of the “what not to dos”. Boy, were we wrong! With all of these little frustrations, I keep reminding myself that the joy is in the ride. Am I right?

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