Day 83: Scratch the Night Away

Day 83: Scratch the Night Away

We left Orange, Massachusetts and our family on Day 83 of the Nowhere To Be Project. Our goal was North Beach Campground in Burlington, Vermont. We arrived at the campground which borders Lake Champlain in the late afternoon. Unfortunately, this was prime mosquito feeding time and they feasted on us while we set up camp. Despite my efforts to scare them off with citronella and cedar oil, they decided that we were just too tasty. I am one of those people who always attracts mosquitos and even I have never seen bugs like this. My husband (who never complains about bugs) was ready to bail on the campground the moment he found himself inside a tornado of aggressive mosquitos. We decided to make the best of it and walked down to the beach coated in bug spray and adorned with bright yellow “bug bands” which are guaranteed to keep bugs at bay. The good news is that Lake Champlain is very lovely. The bad news is that the mosquitos kept up their buffet on our banded stinky bug-spray coated bodies. Our plans for grilling out quickly morphed into a night inside the RV with leftovers and a movie on our Direct TV. Thank goodness we splurged on that satellite system or we might have been forced to watch one another’s bug bites swell into huge red welts for sheer entertainment.

Today’s struggles taught me that camping isn’t for sissies. I also learned that sometimes plans need to change to keep everyone happy. We’re leaving this campground tomorrow with absolutely nowhere to go. Who knows? We may end up parked overnight at a Walmart for our first time. Until then, I’ll be scratching the night away🙃.

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