Day 71: Just Like Riding a Bike

Day 71: Just Like Riding a Bike

On Day 71 of the Nowhere To Be Project, I kept plugging away at the preparations for our upcoming RV journey from Florida up the east coast, into and across Canada and back down to Colorado. We are now just two days from departure. My husband decided that we were in need of scooters since we are not towing a vehicle. I have not ridden anything similar since the 1970’s when I occasionally hopped on the back of my dad’s orange Harley. I have never driven one and, honestly, I’m really scared. My husband, swearing up and down that it’s as easy a riding a bike after effortlessly zipping around the neighborhood, sent me to the scooter shop to purchase a helmet. As I was trying on a couple of options, I expressed my desire for full head and face protection to the salesman, explaining that I didn’t have much faith in my scootering abilities. He proceeded to tell me about his wife’s recent wipeout. She wrecked her face and shoulder with a quick trip to the mailbox! What?!? Really?!? What is that they say about old dogs and new tricks?

My new scooter! So cute, but oh so scary!

I figure I’ve got 48 hours to gain some confidence. I plan to Youtube it for the basics and then go very slowly from there. I’ll give it a go at our first stop in Hilton Head, South Carolina. I may not be as skilled in scootering as I’d like, but I plan on looking good while trying with my crazy (and super duper safe) new helmet! Wish me luck!

This was the only helmet I could find with any color! I have no idea what the designs represent, lol.

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