Day 70: Never Enough

Day 70: Never Enough

For each of the past few days I’ve been slowly gathering supplies for our six week road trip and Day 70 of the Nowhere To Be Project was no different. Our trial run in our new RV at Fort Wilderness last weekend reminded me of the challenges of preparing for long stretches on the road. It seems that we either end up in desolate spots with no access to supplies, or in touristy places where the necessities are astronomically priced. Hence the need to hoard the goods now!!! Today, I hit the mother-load at Trader Joe’s (see photo below where my passenger was literally wine and food, haha).

I know I’m late to the party as always and, yes, I have been living under a rock because I had never been to Trader Joe’s prior to today! It is a veritable wonderland of super affordable organic veggies, herbs, spices and wine. Did I mention the wine??? Recently, I was asked to name the three things that I find absolutely necessary for my travels. My answer was honest and simple: my dog, water and red wine. Obviously, I found much, much more at Trader Joe’s, but those three make up my personal survival kit. In other words, they are the things that feather my nest no matter where it may be parked. What are the three things you simply cannot live without on the road?

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