Day 69: Not Just Any Sandwich

Day 69: Not Just Any Sandwich

On Day 69 of the Nowhere To Be Project, I happened upon an amazing new restaurant in Central Florida. Don’t you love when that happens? I was out gathering supplies for our upcoming six week voyage in our RV when my stomach came a calling. I used my Happy Cow app for the first time to find local restaurants offering vegan options. A place called “The Wildflower Co.” popped up as an option just a few miles from where I was. When I pulled into the parking lot, my first thought was, “oh, well, the place must have gone out of business”. I was so bummed! As I was about to exit the small rundown plaza, I spotted a sign that read “Vegan Cafe Around Back”. With that, I parked and headed out back hoping for a yummy feast.

Thankfully, I spotted the “Vegan Cafe Around Back” on the sign just as I was about to leave the plaza!

The facility itself is nondescript to the point that I wasn’t sure if they were open when I entered. I did see someone sitting at a table, so I approached the counter and perused the two-page photocopied menu. Just then, a staff member came from the back to take my order. I was informed that the photocopy represented their brand new menu. I was torn between the ReLoaded Tots and the Shrymp Po’ Boy. I went with the sandwich despite not knowing what soy curls were and was offered a choice between tater tots, potato salad and macaroni and cheese as a side and decided on the latter. I grabbed a seat by the window to wait for it all. While the decor at The Wildflower Co. is very utilitarian and sparse, there was a lovely view of a pond and outside dining area from my hightop table. After about ten minutes, another staff member delivered my meal.

I was shocked by the enormity of the sandwich. It looked and smelled amazing and I couldn’t wait to bite into it. The soft Cuban bread was overflowing with warm crispy chunks of the fried soy curls. The sandwich was dressed with apple slaw, tartar sauce and cranberry sauce. It may sound like a bit of an odd combination, but it was honestly love at first bite. I’m sure I sound hyperbolic, but this was, without any doubt, the best sandwich I have ever eaten in my life. Let me qualify this by saying that this includes all the sandwiches I’ve ever had, both as a vegan and a non-vegan. I was so enamored by the sandwich that I almost forgot the mac ‘n cheese. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as memorable as the sandwich anyway. It could have been a bit warmer and it generally lacked flavor despite the heavy seasoning (paprika?).

I decided to take half of my sandwich home to share it with my son who ended up absolutely loving it. He is not vegan and usually survives solely on cheeseburgers from Burgerfi. When asked, he said it was “really good” and rated the sandwich as an eight out of ten! I gave it a perfect ten and plan on taking my husband to The Wildflower Co. for dinner tomorrow so that I can try more of their offerings! The only recommendations I might offer to the proprietors would be to get a large chalk board to present their menu (instead of the single photocopied paper one) and to offer freshly made iced teas as an additional beverage option. This place was a lucky find (thanks Happy Cow) that has been placed on my list of favorites in Central Florida!

My son also loved the Shrymp Po’ Boy sandwich!

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12 thoughts on “Day 69: Not Just Any Sandwich

      1. Ha the worst timing. There’s like nothing vegan at my friends house and my tesco order isn’t arriving until late tomorrow evening so was really not what I needed. Im just crappy because I’m hungry & sleep deprived. The only things that make me into a monster 🤣Oh I wish! I’ve eaten anything good that was around and just spent the last of my cash this week on pizza & food shop. I won’t be resulting to eating the dogs biscuits just yet.. 🤣🙈😉

  1. Oh my god I want a Shrimp Po Boy now! This restaurant looks and sounds amazing and now I fancy a midnight snack 😂 so jealous you got to go here

    Lon x

  2. That sandwich looks divine!! I’m not vegan but I do enjoy eating vegan options, and if I lived closer to Florida I would check this place out ASAP. I’ll leave it in my memory though if I ever find myself there. The view looks great too!

  3. First time using Happy Cow!? Omg i don’t know how you’ve been surviving until now. Well you were surviving but now hopefully you will be THRIVING. What a hidden gem! So funny about the nondescriptness and “around the back” sign. Looks like a lovely view. Also how kind of you to share with your son, I am not so generous haha especially with a sandwich that tasty.

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