Day 61 – It’s Official

Day 61 – It’s Official

Day 61 of the Nowhere To Be Project took place happily on the road. We traveled from Louisiana to Mississippi to Alabama and finally landed in Fort Walton Beach, Florida for the night. It is a lovely little beach town on the panhandle of the gulf coast. Throughout our drive this week we have been discussing our vision for the rest of our lives. I used to teach human development to college students and the “life review” was essential material. The life review is a progressive practice of assessing one’s progress and satisfaction with life up to the current moment. It usually begins sporadically around midlife. In other words, people look at their lives and figure that they have used up at least half of their time. With that, most ask themselves if they’ve done what they set out to do and if they feel satisfied with what they’ve experienced and accomplished. If so, they’ll probably use their remaining years to satisfy personal needs or goals. If not, they may begin a crisis of sorts where they renegotiate what a life well lived looks and feels like for them (the midlife crisis). Thankfully, we both feel happy with what we’ve done to this point. We’ve worked hard, raised good people and believe that we’ve contributed to the world in lasting and positive ways. This allows us to mentally move into a selfish and almost gluttonous head space.

To that end, our goals are to wander and roam for as long as we are able. This, of course, is what the Nowhere To Be Project is all about. I started it just two months ago as a way to keep a tangible record of my life post-retirement. If you’re anything like me, you’ve kept souvenirs from your travels, but no real journals or records. With this project, I hope to leave something heartfelt, meaningful and tangible for my kids and their future families. Memories are something that we always expect to have until we don’t. I have so few photographs, letters or videos of my parents that I sometimes forget the sounds of their voices. When I lost my parents and suddenly realized that I had so little left of who they were and what they had accomplished, I decided to document everything ad nauseam for my kids. They definitely don’t realize it now, but they will treasure these words someday.

These philosophical road trip discussions somehow led to an official logo for the Nowhere To Be Project. I’m not sure why, but it just makes it feel real and that keeps me committed to writing something each and every day. My husband and I both love kites and agreed that they were the perfect symbol for what we’re doing with the Nowhere To Be Project…floating and gliding through the world! We shared our ideas over the phone with our friend in Orlando, Dave Collins at Collins Media. He is an absolute genius with all things media and produced the logo for us within minutes. We will christen our RV with it this week and simply cannot wait!

Nowhere to Be Project

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