Day 60 – Who’s the Captain Now?

Day 60 – Who’s the Captain Now?

On Day 60 of the Nowhere To Be Project we made our way from Amarillo, Texas to Shreveport, Louisiana. We had just one high point today, a quick pop in to Southfork Ranch, a property made famous by the 1980s television show “Dallas”. It was fun to reminisce about the many nights I spent with my mom glued to the set watching the Ewing’s scandal and treachery. Sadly, this was one of the few happy vibes I experienced today.

We are traveling by car (wishing we were in our RV) with our giant rescue mutt, so pet-friendly pit stops and accommodations are essential. When selecting big-dog-friendly hotels, our first choice is always Kimpton. Unfortunately, this route didn’t allow us to crash with Kimpton, so we’ve been relying on La Quinta. La Quintas can be very hit or miss and so far, we’ve missed. We were greeted in our room last night in Amarillo (Airport location) by a nasty insect infestation. The squirming creatures sent me back to the front desk for another room. I only found two dead mini-roaches in room #2, so we braved the night. Tonight, in Shreveport, Louisiana (La Quinta located at 6700 Financial Circle) we attempted to turn on the television upon entering our room only to realize that it was out of order. As I waited for the repair, I bent to clean up some water that had dripped onto the tile floor from my dog’s dish. I was stunned by the amount of filth that transferred to the tissue from the floor. Thankfully, the TV was eventually repaired, but the staff were visibly and audibly off put by our asking for help. I brought their attention to the black dirt on the cloth that I had used to clean the floor. They didn’t acknowledge me at all and simply left the room. At this point, we were starving and the only option was the adjacent IHOP.

Frankly, this location should not be in operation. The entryway was littered with food, bugs and drained liquor bottles. We sat for fifteen minutes watching the five visible staff members chit chat with one another and play on their phones. We were the only guests in the restaurant save for one other gentleman. A server finally approached our table and took our order with attitude, again as if our presence was putting her out. Nearly thirty minutes later, some food was delivered, but it was not at all what we ordered. We explained this to another indifferent server. I stated that I had ordered the veggie salad with dressing on the side and soup, but instead received a chicken Caesar salad swimming in dressing and no soup. As a vegan, I don’t eat chicken or Caesar dressing, so was out of luck on dinner tonight. The server told me three different times that she was working on the soup. It never came! My husband ordered a breakfast dish that came with pancakes. He got French toast instead. We tried to straighten it out with the staff to no avail. We were given a check for food we did not receive and/or could not eat. We asked for a manager in an effort to remedy the situation, again to no avail. We paid the bill, tipped the inept staff out (I’m not really sure why) and left completely flabbergasted and unbearably hungry. Peanuts and red wine (thank goodness I packed these) for dinner it is, haha.

Days like this make me miss the RV even more. RV travel has it stresses for sure, but they just aren’t as extreme as those I’ve experienced lately with hotels, air travel and food service. Maybe because it is less reliant on the service of others (e.g. I am the captain now…couldn’t resist). I’m positively counting down the hours until our spring RV journey ensues: t-minus 96 hours!

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