Day 6: Rainy Days, Rashes and Milkshakes

Our final day in Maui was cloudy and periodically rainy. This actually added to the allure of the day as we sat for hours watching the clouds roll in. The cool breezy air helped to soothe a lei-induced rash that had emerged on my annoyingly sensitive skin that morning, which was a bonus. The best cure though were beachside milkshakes. I had a delicious vegan version made with the freshest coconut and pineapple. My husband chose one called the Nutty Cocomel. It was made with peanut butter, chocolate and salted caramel, covered in whipped cream and topped with a Reese’s cup and peanut butter chips. Sipping those shakes while staring at the rain-soaked coast was both magical and medicinal.

As we were sitting and sipping, I heard a couple griping about how horrible the cool, rainy and very windy conditions were. They bantered back and forth about how this had simply ruined their vacation. I felt so sad for them. We all put so much pressure on the idea of perfection. The perfect vacation. The perfect family. The perfect body. We do this even though we know from experience that perfection is fleeting at best and as obscure as a winning lottery ticket. Life has taught me to find some measure of gratitude, no matter how miniscule, in every experience. This rainy beach day gave me an entirely different take on beachside relaxation. The milkshake sweetened the experience and the rash, well, it gave me the opportunity to appreciate the cool and gusty wind all the more (very true, but I still really want the rash to go away:).

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  1. I love how thoughtful and insightful this post is. So full of gratitude too! I think a lot of people could learn from this attitude 🙂

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