Day 59 – Only in Texas

Day 59 – Only in Texas

On Day 59 of the Nowhere To Be Project, we made our way from Vail, Colorado through New Mexico and on in to Texas. We are slowly working back to Florida to retrieve our spanking new Winnebago RV. We’re road tripping with our oversized dog, so we always stop frequently to give him a chance to sniff out his whereabouts. We purposely look for weird and unusual spots along our routes to keep things interesting.

Today, our odd find was the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. My husband heard about it in a RV forum and figured it was worth a look. It is located just off of Interstate 40. I knew nothing about it other than the name when we pulled up. There were cars lined up on both sides of the road and a giant limo adorned with steer horns on the grill, both of which made me believe that I was in for a treat.

I guess I would describe Cadillac Ranch as a public art installment. It consists of a line of old Cadillacs partially embedded in the earth on angles. Each of the ten Caddies are coated in layer upon layer of spray paint. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own cans to leave their marks on the, shall I say, exhibit. Many people seemed to partake in this tradition, myself excluded. Everything, including Cadillac-themed art, is bigger in Texas, right? As we were leaving, I learned that the limosine was providing free rides to a famous steakhouse in town (Big Texan Steak Ranch) that boasts a free 72 ounce steak to those who can consume it entirely within one hour. I decided to pass on that offer as I had doubts about their vegan options, lol. Heaven knows what tomorrow may bring, but I’m willing to bet that it won’t be an installment of graffitied Cadillacs all in a row!

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    1. Thank you, Lon! I love big dogs, too! He is a rescue which makes him even more special in my eyes:). When I adopted him they told me that he would likely have been euthanized because he is big and black. She said nobody adopts them! I keep saying that I will start a charity someday to save big black dogs…we’ll see. So sad!

  1. Ive always wanted to see this! Seems so funny. Love that you seek out interesting places to let out your dog. Good move passing on the steakhouse haha.

    1. I laughed at myself when I read your reply because I had never heard of it. My husband kept telling me that people come from all around to see it, lol. I am sooooo uninformed, I guess. Thanks for reading, Abi!

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