Day 53: Sydney on Foot

Day 53: Sydney on Foot

Day 53 of the Nowhere to Be Project began after a long and desperately needed 12 hour nap. Energized and ready to explore, we set out in the rain on foot headed for Chinatown. As we made our way, we walked along George street and popped into some of the many upscale shopping options. These high end options were in opposition to the unique homespun artisan options we found yesterday at the Rocks Friday foodie mart.

We stopped at the lovely Hyde Park, erected in honor of King George V. It was very reminiscent of its namesake in London. We also hit the stunning St. Mary’s Cathedral for a brief respite and spiritual renewal. Fun fact: the five original archbishops of Australia are entombed in a crypt beneath the cathedral.

We reached Chinatown just in time for lunch and dined at Golden Harbour restaurant which offered many vegan options. After too much food, we set out again for the Chinese Garden of Friendship, a tranquil place of solitude in the midst of the city.

We kept trekking toward Darling Harbour where there are countless options for food, fun and drink. After a quick libation with a view, we took off again toward the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the eventual destination of our Circular Quay hotel. We freshened up and headed to the popular Opera House Bar for a bit of nightlife to close out the day. In total, we walked ten miles. There seems to be something going on everywhere in Sydney and the vast amount of construction is indicative of a vibrant and growing city!

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