Day 50: Ambien Dreamliner

Day 50: Ambien Dreamliner

The highlight of day 50 of the Nowhere To Be Project was packing for Australia. We leave tomorrow for a week and are so excited to be celebrating my daughter’s 23rd birthday together in Sydney. I lucked into really cheap airfare with United airlines (under $700 round trip). We are rather concerned about the length of the flight, 18.5 hours. That is a really loooooooooooooooooooong time to be confined to an economy class seat. I have been checking my email incessantly hoping for an upgrade opportunity from the airline, but so far it has been radio silence. Therefore, I plan to take the fear and dread into my own hands with the help of my favorite traveling companion, Ambien.

I use Ambien solely to fall asleep on long haul flights and it usually works quite well for about six hours. With over 18 hours to fly though, it could get dicey. I’m planning on taking it mid-flight. That way I’ll have six hours of flying, a nice six hour nap and then another six hours of flying. We’ll be traveling aboard one of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliners and I’m hoping that the name alone will lend itself to the hypnotic power of my traveling aid. I’ll be sure to let you know and promise to report back tomorrow as Day 51 of the Nowhere To Be Project will largely occur at 35,000 feet;).

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