Day 47: Undeniably Pretty

Day 47: Undeniably Pretty

I went to see the new comedy film “I Feel Pretty” on day 47 of the Nowhere To Be Project. It was really, really funny. Amy Schumer was hysterical, of course. The laughs went much deeper than her comedic talents though. Most women, no matter their size, shape or appearance, can relate to the insecurities faced by the main character, Renee. In the film, it takes a blow on the head to twist her self-doubt into abundant confidence. As a result of the concussion, she is no longer able to see her perceived flaws. Instead, she sees herself as beautiful for the very first time and this changes everything for her. The reality is that her appearance never changed, but her attitude and behavior did. She became confident, capable and accessible because she saw herself as more valuable and this changed the way people responded to her.

Undeniably Pretty

There is a scene early in the film where Renee stands in front of a mirror and glares at herself with disgust. Most of us are guilty of paying much more attention to our physical flaws than to our social, emotional and spiritual strengths. There isn’t a person on earth who lacks unique gifts and we should spend more time celebrating them. For some reason, it is easier to see the good in others than it is to feel self love. There is a line in the film where Renee wonders what life is like for those who are “undeniably pretty”. The truth is that we are all undeniably pretty in some way. Just imagine what you could do if you could only see the good in yourself.

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