Day 45: Somewhere Between Too Much and Not Enough

Day 45: Somewhere Between Too Much and Not Enough

On Day 45 of the Nowhere To Be Project, my husband and I spent the beautifully warm and sunny day in the cute little mountain town of Frisco, Colorado. We wandered through an intriguing thrift shop where I scored two vintage albums. We also stopped at a cool bookstore staffed with a gaggle of senior ladies knitting to the tune of their own gossip. Over lunch at the yummy Butterhorn Bakery & Cafe, we excitedly discussed our upcoming travel plans. We head to Australia in a week and then we’re hitting the road for months to wander through the U.S. in our RV, so there is tons to banter about.

Our view at lunch certainly fed the wanderlust!

As I slurped a delicious Florentine soup and he chomped on a sandwich made with a fresh baked jalapeño corn bread, we pondered our growing anticipation to hit the road. We have been home for just a few days and already we’re itching to go again. Some of our friends think our jet-setting lifestyle is odd. Some have said we should be saving more than spending. Thankfully, we both agree that we’ve hit a sweet spot in life. In terms of travel, we teeter somewhere between too much and not enough and it is splendid. We agree that now is our prime time for travel. The kids are gone and we’ve closed the door on our careers. In many ways, we’re just at the beginning. A new and thrilling beginning.

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4 thoughts on “Day 45: Somewhere Between Too Much and Not Enough

  1. People will always have something to say, most are just jealous of the lifestyle because they are to afraid to do it themselves, keep on keeping on💖

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