Day 41: Equine Energy

Day 41: Equine Energy

On Day 41 of the Nowhere To Be Project I was stopped in my tracks by a photograph. The photo appeared in Martha Stewart’s Wedding magazine. It was taken at country singer Kacey Musgrave’s wedding and featured her horse adorned in fresh flowers. Evidently, he was a part of her wedding party. How could a wedding court be any better than that? The photo now graces my refrigerator as a life goals motivator.

My not so subtle message to the universe 🙂

I have always wanted a horse, but have found way too many practical reasons for not getting one. In the spirit of the Nowhere To Be Project, I am officially done with being practical. There is a horse rescue in my area that I follow. I am currently sending equine energy out into the universe with hope that the right rescue horse finds me. I might just borrow Kacey’s idea and drape him in flowers…every single day for the rest of our lives.

***Blogger’s Note: Martha Stewart is my BFF, but just doesn’t know it yet, lol.

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