Day 40: Have To and Should Have

Day 40: Have To and Should Have

Day 40 of the Nowhere To be Project was spent in forced hibernation. There have been blizzard conditions here in the mountains for going on two days. This kind of thing can be hard to accept when preceded by a near 70 degree day. Mother nature rules though and so we adjust our patterns to align with hers. Hibernation has given me plenty of time to contemplate this project thus far.

Forty days ago, I officially retired. Since then I have been on a few trips and have several more in the works. My husband and I also purchased a RV which will serve as our second home on the road. I’ve been reading and exercising a lot more than before. I’ve caught up on rest and on my favorite shows. These are all wonderfully selfish and exciting things, but they are not even close to the best part of my newfound retirement. So far, the greatest benefit of retirement is having the time to think…to really think.

Time To Think

I think a lot about the past, remembering and processing both treasured and tough times. I also think about the future in terms of dreaming, planning and preparing. Most importantly though, I think about the present, moment to moment. In the race of life we usually can’t recognize the power of each moment until it has passed us by. We get so bogged down with “getting through” that life becomes a blur of have-tos and should-haves. It is so easy to feel that you don’t even have the time to meaningfully engage in your own life. Here’s the thing though, each moment occurs just once. We have a one-time shot and I vow to never miss or wish another one away. Learning to live in the moment is the one thing that I wish I could have accomplished earlier in life. Mother nature has a way of teaching us the big lessons, doesn’t she?

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