Day 39: Better and Happier

Day 39: Better and Happier

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier” Mother Teresa

I usually begin my day with a cup of coffee as I get caught up with the world. Day 39 of the Nowhere To Be Project started the exact same way, but instead of feeling ready to greet the day, I wanted to crawl back into bed to avoid the negativity that engulfed me. Between the television and social media, everything was bad. The only saving grace was the pet page in the local newspaper that introduced me to a friendly-looking neighborhood pupper who likes to roll in the snow. Most of us dread days that start out with a negative tone because it then darkens everything we do that day.

Sadly, we cannot control the tone of mainstream media. However, we can choose to be positive influencers on social media. I know some people think a sardonic tone is interesting or even funny. I don’t. Why post hate-filled or cruel messages when you can spread sunshine? Why follow or like those toxic people? It is not enjoyable to read others who criticize everything and everyone. It just breeds hate and vitriol. No wonder my bed beckoned this morning.

I refuse to engage with negative material on social media. This is not necessarily a Pollyanna approach, but a conscious choice toward gratitude. I just keep scrolling. Like attracts like. I have bad days too, but I don’t see the benefit of posting about them. Choosing to share good vibes might just make a major difference in another’s day. More than that though, actively choosing to focus on the good rather than the bad will change you. It will profoundly alter your mood, your life and even your relationships. Such a simple fix, isn’t it?

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