Day 37: Saying Yes to Happy Hour

Day 37: Saying Yes to Happy Hour

On Day 37 of the Nowhere To Be Project, I spent some time thinking about the importance of happy hour. I learned this truth from my 86 year old mother-in-law. She has a daily happy hour where she gathers with her friends for one hour to catch up on the neighborhood gossip. She absolutely lives for this hour and I think it helps keep her in the game, so to speak. The connection she has with these ladies rejuvenates her in ways that other things cannot.

When most people think of happy hour, they think of alcohol. Happy hour does not have to be about that. For me, it is more about the process of unwinding from the day and preparing for restful sleep. While my process frequently includes a glass of wine, sometimes it is just watching the news, reading a book or petting my dog. The idea is a reset or recentering of the self from the demands of the day. Take a moment to think about what your ideal happy hour looks like and make it happen each and every day. We all deserve an hour a day.

What does your happy hour look like?

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