Day 36: F Words

Day 36: F Words

Day 36 of the Nowhere To Be Project was centered around the following F words:

Front: Awakened at 2am by a torrential storm front
Failure: To fall back to sleep (of course)
Fear: The ride to the airport with my son behind the wheel
Frequent Flyer: I spent the day on a plane (again)
Five-hundred Lightning Strikes: Kept my flight grounded for way too long
First Class: Upgraded (thank goodness)
Facebook: Listening to Zuckerberg defend his company to cantankerous senators mid-flight
Forgetting: Where my car was parked
Frazzled: Arriving in Denver at rush hour
Fuzzy: My brain from sheer exhaustion
Fifteen: Days until I leave for Australia
Farewell: To Day 36 of The Nowhere To Be Project

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