Day 335: Coastal California RVing Times Three

Day 335: Coastal California RVing Times Three
Beach access is just steps from Pelican Point with the Ritz Carlton just off in the distance…

Pelican Point RV Resort at Half Moon Bay is a no frills spot with huge views. The park itself is under construction and, as a result, is quite noisy from morning to night. It is snug against a beautiful stretch of coastline with the upscale Ritz-Carlton as a next door neighbor. A short walk along a designated trail takes you to paradise in terms of crashing waves and sea air. At around $80 per night, this park is on the pricier side. In addition, it is pretty much an island in terms of things to do. We spent two nights at Pelican Point and ended up making it a spa retreat at the resort. If we had not done that, activities would have very been limited. Pelican Point RV Resort earns three out of five hearts on our scale.

A dog friendly beach is a short walk from Marina Dunes RV Resort

Marina Dunes RV Resort in Marina, California is even higher in terms of price (about $90/night) and was about twice the distance to the water, but still offers easy accessibility to the pacific via a sandy trail. The park itself has a resort feel with a clubhouse, modern shower houses and laundry facility. We were a bit bummed when the office permitted someone to camp in overflow parking (we were in spot #1) which necessitated them knocking on our door at night to access the shared water and cable lines. With a car, countless Monterey peninsula activities are within reach. We kept our scooters locked up during our four night stay and rented a car for this reason (Enterprise in Seaside offers free pick-up from the park and an unbelievable rate of $17/day). Marina Dunes scores four out of five Nowhere To Be Project hearts.

The fencing blocks off what used to be ocean front spots at San Francisco RV Resort…

San Francisco RV Resort in Pacifica, California is somewhat comparable in both price and amenities to Marina Dunes, but has a much more unpolished and industrial feel. There is fencing along the coastal side of the park where designated waterfront spots used to be. Due to coastal erosion, these spots no longer exist. There are many full timers in the park, many of whom serve in the U.S. Coast Guard. As with Marina Dunes, a car is necessary to access all of the San Francisco sights. We lucked out again with an inexpensive rental car via Enterprise which is within walking distance from the RV park, so our four night stay was jam packed with sight seeing in and around San Francisco. San Francisco RV Resort garners three out of five hearts on our scale. On to Mendocino County!

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