Day 323: The Grass isn’t Greener at Pacific Dunes

Day 323: The Grass isn’t Greener at Pacific Dunes

We’re departing Pacific Dunes Ranch RV park today, day 323 of the Nowhere To Be Project, after a three night stay. Our visit here was one of those “grass is greener” experiences. What I mean by this is that we spent the entire three days tooling around this stunning coastal area on our scooters envying the waterfront camping spots held by everyone else. Since this was our first time camping in this region, we were clueless as to where to stay and frankly, we chose the wrong spot.

Pacific Dunes Ranch is not entirely terrible, but it also isn’t great. That is a hard pill to swallow when you’re literally surrounded by amazing coastline, much of which offers RV camping on the beach! In particular, Oceano Dunes and Port San Luis RV Campground looked like the winners in terms of waterfront property and will be our top choices next time around.

We found Pacific Dunes Ranch to be very pricey for what it is ($60 a night). It does offer full hookups, but wifi is an extra fee (we did not partake), the park is noisy and tight, the laundry and bath facilities leave much to be desired (I’m being very generous here) and the location is rough. The only appeal is the park’s proximity to the dunes, which are beautiful. Accessing the beach via the dunes is very challenging, takes nearly an hour, and I would only recommend it for those who like a physical challenge.

The good news is that the Oceano area is lovely. With the help of our scooters, we visited nearby Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, Shell Beach and Avila Beach, all of which are stunning coastal towns. The bad news is that we are giving Pacific Dunes Ranch just two of five Nowhere To Be Project hearts. We would only recommend staying here if it was the sole option for camping in the area.

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