Day 318: RVing in Hollywood

Day 318: RVing in Hollywood

The conclusion of our three nights at Hollywood RV Park ushered us into day 318 of the Nowhere To Be Project. Hollywood RV Park (formerly Balboa RV Park) isn’t actually in Hollywood. It is in Van Nuys. It also wasn’t where we initially planned on staying during our time in the Los Angeles area, but, as most things do, it ended up working out.

We had reserved a week at Malibu RV Park and were very excited to glamp oceanside. Sadly, the Malibu fires hit the park hard and they were forced to close. The only other available option we could find in the area was Hollywood RV Park at $65/night.

Hollywood Park is owned by two brothers who positively love what they do. Each guest is greeted and physically led to their assigned spot. There are murals throughout the park depicting the Hollywood life. There is also a small gym, several laundry and bath facilities and a dog run.

The park serves as a permanent home to many (a lot of “industry people” according to the owner), so we did feel as if we were infringing a bit at times. That feeling was magnified by the fact that you could probably reach an arm out of your window to touch the rig beside you because the layout is so tight. Another drawback is the Van Nuys location. In all honesty, it is pretty seedy. However, it is very close (by car) to many interesting options: beaches, shopping, theme parks and every touristy Hollywood thing you can imagine.

Hollywood RV Park’s selling points are the amazingly friendly staff and the convenient location. It will do just fine if you plan on using your RV solely as a landing pad during your visit to the Los Angeles area. For this reason, it earns three out of five Nowhere To Be Project hearts. If our scoring system was based solely on kindness of the staff and pride in ownership, Hollywood RV Park would earn five out of five hearts.

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