Day 303: Blackout Dining

Day 303: Blackout Dining

On day 303 of the Nowhere To Be Project we did something completely out of character for us. I guess that is what being in Las Vegas is all about, right? Well, we’ve been here now for three days (so far) as we wait for a copper line to be replaced on our RV and we’re finding ourselves looking for things to do. That led us to Blackout. Blackout is an all vegan restaurant with a dark twist.

Upon arrival at Blackout illuminated objects are seized and placed in a secure locker. Absolutely nothing that could possibly emit light is permitted in the dining room. Our assigned server gave us a brief lowdown before donning his night vision goggles and asking us to form a Conga line to traverse through the darkness to our assigned table. It was so dark that we could not see our hands in front of our faces (or our forks, knives, spoons, etc.). The server used his voice to guide us through the key features of each of the seven courses of the meal without divulging any details about the foods we were consuming.

In a nutshell, the entire experience was amazing! The food was delicious and unique (even my nonvegan counterparts loved it). The initial shock of being completely without sight wore off and allowed us to enjoy one another’s company and the aromas and flavors of the food in what seemed like a heightened manner. The vegan menu was innovative with the standouts being an appetizer that emulated crab cakes and calamari, an entree of scrumptious mushroom Wellington and a salted caramel confection that sealed the deal.

Be sure to check out Blackout the next time you find yourself in Las Vegas and don’t be fooled by its odd stripmall location. It is just about a mile from the glitz of the strip and may be just the break you need from the sins of the city. As always, I have no motivation for sharing my experiences other than providing information to other travelers. I am not compensated or sponsored in any way.

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