Day 291: Not So Jolly at JW Marriott Cherry Creek

Day 291: Not So Jolly at JW Marriott Cherry Creek

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My daughter and I recently spent a night at the J. W. Marriott Cherry Creek. Our goal was to enjoy an evening of Christmas festivities in this popular Denver outdoor shopping arena. Our experience was rather unique, so I’ve decided to use day 291 of the Nowhere To Be Project to share what I learned.

I typically love a good hotel robe, but this one stayed on the hook for obvious reasons.

First, what you see is not always what you get! Based on the advertising we’ve been seeing for the holiday experience at Cherry Creek, we thought we’d have an evening of strolling and shopping. We started strong at the indoor mall thinking we were saving the best for last. Frustratingly, as the sun went down so did the doors to the outdoor shops and restaurants. We did find a Sur La Table that was open past dark, but that was the extent of it.

Second, left behind lingerie should not be a room amenity! Trying to keep our cheerful Christmas mood going, we checked into our prebooked room at the JW Marriott. The room wasn’t a bargain at nearly $350, so we were hopeful that the price hinted at quality. Imagine our surprise when we entered our room and found a left behind bra hanging in the bathroom. Gross. Just gross. We wondered if the room had been cleaned at all. If so, how could the bra have been missed? Even worse, what else might have been overlooked?

We were creeped out and starving at this point, so went off in search of food. With very few options, we ended up in one of the hotel’s restaurants, Social Fare. The menu was extremely limited and the service slow, but our entrees were very tasty. A highlight was the thoughtful server who brought me an entire plate of lime wedges when I asked for fresh lime with my San Pellegrino.

After dinner we stopped at the reception desk to let them know about the wayward bra. The clerk’s response included an audible gasp followed by an apology. The damage had been done though and there wasn’t much that could make us feel warm and fuzzy about the remainder of our visit at the JW Marriott Cherry Creek. It got even worse as we brushed our teeth and realized that the clogged drain in the bathroom sink would make a full rinse a pipe dream. Yet another grotesque moment in what could have been a jolly good time. In the spirit of the season, I’ll end on a high note: We had a wonderful time together AND I found an amazing old-fashioned citrus juicer for just $6 at Sur La Table!

Always trying to make the best of our moments!

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