Day 29: Every Little Thing

Day 29: Every Little Thing

Today, Day 29 of the Nowhere To Be Project, I began to think about my commitment to writing something of substance every single day for a year. Periodically on twitter I’ll see the following types of messages:

no motivation to blog today
nothing new to blog about today
where do your blog ideas come from?”

Just like anyone, I have days where there is a ton to say and other days where there isn’t much, but there is ALWAYS something if you’re mindful in your daily encounters. For instance, as I sat on a bench waiting for the bus, I spotted the most beautiful pink blooms. I was taken by their warmth on this frigid day. It didn’t end there. I hopped on the bus and during the ride two people caught my attention.

The first was a little boy of probably three years of age. He was excited and loud and enthusiastic and busy. He galloped on the bus and ran toward the back, chasing his older siblings. He reprimanded his brother with the sweetest of intentions when he said, “you better say sorry to Mommy because you said a bad word!” He happily narrated each stop, proud of the fact that he knew where he was. Finally, he skipped off the bus after shouting, “thank you for driving us” to the bus driver. This final act elicited a chuckle from every person on that bus.

The second person who drew my eye this afternoon was a 95 year old woman. She was helped onto the bus by what appeared to be her daughter. They were celebrating her birthday. I knew this because she wore a ribbon that told me so. With what sounded like gratitude she uttered the following words loud enough for me to hear them, “I never believed I would make it 95”. She wore a smile from ear to ear as she gently stroked her daughter’s cheek.

Each of these moving moments occurred within a span of ten or so minutes as I gazed through the windows of the bus. I did not have a conversation or even direct contact with either person, but I was touched by each one. Every little thing in life can have meaning if you’ll only let it.

Through A Bus Window

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