Day 275: In Need of Nice? Head to Minnesota!

Day 275: In Need of Nice? Head to Minnesota!

Not all travel is planned. This was the case with our recent time in Minnesota. However, travel addicts that we are, we found a way to make a bummer trip into a blast. For this reason, day 275 of the Nowhere To Be Project is all about the magic of Minnesota.

Rochester’s largest ear of corn in the world is renowned, but the nice people are really larger than life!

The state is, of course, known as ‘the land of 10,000 lakes’. However, I think an equally fitting description is ‘the land of the NICEST people on Earth’. No joke! EVERY SINGLE PERSON WE ENCOUNTERED FOR TWO WHOLE WEEKS WAS NICE! Really and truly nice! This is absolutely not the case in our home state of Florida. Colorado, our chosen home state is better, but simply cannot touch Minnesota in terms of NICE citizens.

Sheer paradise for kids at the Mall of America!
Some fun for grown up kids at the mall, too!

Most of our time was based in Rochester. Rochester is frigid, but the people are not, lol. They are so nice. We shot off to Minneapolis to visit the Mall of America and Paisley Park. The mall was nothing special (except for the kids’ play area…roller coasters!!!). Paisley Park was absolutely amazing and is a must see destination. The town of Red Wing was also lovely and highly recommended for an afternoon visit. We stayed at the following hotels during our time mingling with the nicest people in the world:

Paisley Park, the home and final resting place of Prince, is well worth the $50 price of admission.

-The Kahler Grand in Rochester: This should be a hard pass. It is sad because it has such potential as an historic structure in Rochester. It also has the best foot access to the Mayo Clinic. Sadly, it is just gross.

Our room at the Kahler Grand. I’d hate to see one of those black light experiments in here. Just gross!

-La Quinta in Rochester: Clean and fairly priced, but could certainly use some updating. Located a few miles from downtown Rochester.

-Doubletree in Rochester: Very pricey (over $300) for what it was. The selling point is underground access to Mayo Clinic…not as close in proximity as the Kahler Grand, but much, much cleaner.

-Crowne Plaza in Minneapolis: Run down and way overpriced with a decent downtown location. We found the Kimpton to be a far better option for lodging in Minneapolis, but they were booked this time:-(.

The entire facility at the Crowne Plaza in Minneapolis was in need of a major overhaul…especially when considering the price!

Moral of the story: Visit Minnesota to commiserate with the nicest people on the planet in their native habitat, but skip the hotels and shack up with a friend (or in your RV)!

A fun pub in the historic St. James Hotel in Red Wing, Minnesota

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