Day 27: Gut Travel

Day 27: Gut Travel

On day 27 of the Nowhere To Be Project I contemplated the purpose and power of reviews. I was reading a fellow blogger’s post about a recent stay in Sydney, Australia with bated breath as I’m visiting there as a newbie in a few weeks. Selfishly, I was bummed when the blogger had absolutely nothing positive to say. My takeaways from the post were that the city is overrated, beyond expensive and anything more than two days there is a complete waste of time. By the end of the post, I was wondering if I had made a mistake in booking my trip. It felt awful to have my excitement about the trip dampened! Then I recalled a recent hotel stay at The Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Grand Lobby of The Peabody Hotel

My husband and I were road-tripping with our dog. We decided to stay at the pet-friendly Peabody. When he mentioned this to a friend who had recently stayed there, he was told to avoid the place like the plague. According to this friend, the hotel was rundown, overpriced and offered horrible service. We considered canceling our reservation in light of the information. I am so glad that we didn’t as we had a delightful stay! Our 100 pound Mutt was welcomed in grand fashion with amenities and treats made just for him. We were given a beautiful room, served delicious food and experienced top-notch service throughout our visit. We found the Peabody to be a fabulous old hotel offering immense charm and luxury.

Gut Travel

Who knows what happened with his friend to taint his opinion of the hotel so intensely? Same with the blogger who hates Sydney so. While I value their input, I can only take it with a grain of salt. It isn’t their job to plan my travel. We all have different expectations, desires, likes and dislikes. Blogs are great at sharing the perspectives of their authors and reviews can be extremely useful tools for planning travel. However, neither should make or break a trip. Bloggers are not responsible for telling readers what they want to hear. That is the beauty of blogs! I’ll remain totally addicted to blogs and reviews, yet I’m going to trust myself and my gut a bit more when it comes to my journeys. I think I’ll call it gut travel!

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11 thoughts on “Day 27: Gut Travel

  1. It’s difficult isn’t it.. Some people’s experiences can be so different from your own. I try to do the whole grain of salt thing as everyone is different and people make mistakes. I’m very lucky that I haven’t had many terrible experiences anywhere.. I hope your trip is great and nothing like this other persons.

    Siobhan |

      1. You’re welcome! I lived near Bondi Beach but would recommend walking along the coast a little way to see equally beautiful but quieter beaches. Centennial Park is lovely as is the Botanical Gardens. My favourite area of Sydney was Newtown – so many vegan restaurants (check out Gigi Pizzeria and Lentil as Anything, oh and a totally vegan gelato place called Gelato Blue). If you have time and access to a car, I’d recommend going up to the Stockton Sand Dunes 🙂

  2. Yes take everything with a grain of salt!! Some people are much quicker to post something negative than positive unfortunately also everyone has different tastes, preferences, etc. can’t wait to hear about Sydney!

  3. You’re so right! I always worry I am being to negative on some of my posts if I have had a bad experience of a certain place, but then again I know some people have had bad experiences of places I absolutely love. You always have to see it for yourself anyway 😉
    I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Sydney ❤️

    Lon x

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