Day 247: Oasis RV Resort, Las Vegas

Day 247: Oasis RV Resort, Las Vegas

Day 247 of the Nowhere To be Project is dedicated to a review of our recent stay at Oasis RV Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Oasis touts itself as the closest option to the strip for RVers. This seems accurate as we Ubered a few times to various points on the strip and it took only about 15 minutes in light traffic.

The entrance and exit at Oasis RV Resort

The resort itself is massive and seemingly safe (you enter through a staffed security guard gate where driver’s license and license plate information are gathered). There is a large stucco reception area that is equipped with a shop, a casual dining option with a full bar, ballrooms and restrooms. This building looks out over the family and adult swimming pools. I’m not exactly sure how many individual spots the RV resort offers, but it seems like thousands with countless zig zagging streets.

One of the many streets within Oasis RV Resort

Oasis is not really geared for the camping life because the spots are so tightly packed. In other words, there isn’t a whole lot of space for outdoor living. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for most visitors because they come solely for the lure of the strip. This keeps the park fairly quiet overall. We were wedged in between a maintenance gate and a fifth wheel that had multiple automobiles, so it was cramped. At least a looming timeshare condominium building provided some shade from the heat for our rig, haha.

Our little corner in the massive Oasis RV Resort

There are shower houses with private toilet/shower rooms throughout the property and they are relatively tidy. The pool is well kept and clean making it the best option within the resort for enjoying the Las Vegas sunshine. There are fenced dog runs centrally located within the resort. Don’t make the mistake of letting your pup potty anywhere else in the park or you’ll pay a $25 fine. This may seem extreme, but with the tight quarters it actually becomes a necessity. The enclosed pet runs help to keep any odors fairly contained.

All in all, Oasis RV Resort may be the best option in Las Vegas for RVers in terms of proximity and price (about $50/night for full hook ups). We would recommend it for those who are there to enjoy the town itself. However, if you’re looking for a true camping experience, you’ll probably want to find another option.

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