Day 226: A Ruby in the Rough

Day 226: A Ruby in the Rough

I think day 226 of the Nowhere To Be Project is a great day to share my review of Ruby’s RV Park and Campground in Bryce Canyon, Utah! We just stayed at Ruby’s for one night after touring the amazing Bruce Canyon National Park on Wednesday. I have previously visited the park, but stayed at the Bryce Canyon Lodge (inside the park). It was rustic and quite overpriced, so we agreed to give Ruby’s a try this time.
I would describe the Ruby’s property as a compound. This includes an inn, the campground, restaurants, shops and recreational opportunities. The sheer number of options might explain why Ruby’s dominates Bryce Canyon. The history of the place is worth reading about if you’re so inclined. The current operation is led by the great grandchildren of the pioneer who put Bryce Canyon on the map!

It seemed as if we had the entire park to ourselves even though it was relatively full!

For just under $50 we received a lovely nature-focused secluded spot with full hook ups. The level gravel spot felt so private yet offered us the access and conveniences of being in the Ruby’s compound! According to my husband, the bathhouses were mostly clean save for a mildew covered shower curtain (I always rely on him for these reports as I prefer the facilities in our rig…he’s too big, so I get them to myself, haha). We dined at the bustling Cowboy Buffet in the Ruby’s Inn ( a Best Western) and enjoyed pleasant service. My husband said his steak wasn’t the best, but I really liked their abundant salad bar (sprouts and all). If you’re RVing near Bryce Canyon, Ruby’s is the place to be!

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