Day 192: Encampment, Wyoming

Day 192: Encampment, Wyoming

We rolled into Encampment, Wyoming on day 192 of the Nowhere To Be Project. You probably haven’t heard of it and we likely wouldn’t care to be here if we were not chasing down family ties. In the early 1960’s, my father-in-law was stationed here with the USAF. We don’t know much about why they brought him to this deserted one street town because he refused to discuss anything that was classified (even 50 years later). He’s gone now, but we could just see him saddled up at the Cowboy Bar with his buddies. It was the only place in town at the time and has since burned to the ground. I know this because I visited the Encampment Museum. There, I was lucky to be filled in on what life in Encampment would have been like back then by the two friendly local ladies who run it.

Another image stuck with me as well. My mother-in-law (an Air Force flight nurse) was pregnant with her second child while they were stationed in dusty old Encampment. Low and behold, she went into labor while her husband was on duty and proceeded to drive herself all the way to Laramie while in active labor! At 87, she’s still as feisty as she was then! It’s stories like these that make me so incredibly grateful for all those who serve our country, past and present! They sacrifice so much for us all and we must take the time to show them how much we love and appreciate them.

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