Day 138: My Travel Uniform

Day 138: My Travel Uniform

I threw on my favorite traveling uniform on Day 138 of the Nowhere To Be Project. This outfit is my first choice for the “getting there” and “getting home” parts of travel…long haul flights, road trips, cruises, or literally any other type of travel. As a young woman, fashion was always the primary focus of my travel wardrobe. Back then, I didn’t care about function or comfort, and was frequently hobbling around on heels no matter where I was heading. With age comes experience and eventually wisdom (if we’re lucky), right? While I’m still suffering from the fashionista bug, I now demand comfort and function from my travel clothing. The stiletto-induced throbbing feet and stomach aches from too tight pants are out and the track suits are in. Yes, you heard me correctly. My go to travel uniform is a track suit! They are designed for versatility, extreme conditions and physical challenges (sounds like a long-haul flight, lol) which, in my mind, makes them the ideal travel uniform.

Track suits have gone way beyond the Rocky-style sweatpants of the 1980s with stylish high quality fabrics and trendy designs. Track suits offer the trifecta for travel: highly fashionable, functional and built for endurance. I seek out those made with lightweight performance fabrics (dries quickly and makes on-the-go hand-washing and stain-removal a snap), an elastic or draw-string waist and zippered pockets. I avoid anything with buttons and belts like the plague because I do not wish to slow down the security line or fight with a buckle in a microscopic airplane restroom. I finish it off with a favorite mix and match t-shirt (long-sleeved in cold climates and a tank in hot climates).

I have two current favorite travel uniforms (the green in photo above and the white below), both made by American designer Tory Burch, and they are with me for the long-haul. What is your favorite travel uniform?

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