Day 13: Rest, the Open Road and the Tiny Dancer, too

Day 13: Rest, the Open Road and the Tiny Dancer, too

Homemade Vegan Potato Soup, the cure for what ails
Day 13 of the Nowhere To Be Project had me cozy on the couch nursing the cold gifted to me from my son. I promised myself that I’d just rest, sip my homemade vegan soup, breathe in the Vick’s menthol rub and watch movies. I ended up on my laptop planning our ten week winter adventure that will begin in January 2019. We will travel from Colorado to California and up through Oregon and Washington in our new RV, the Tiny Dancer, too (the name is the 2.0 version of that of the class A we owned many years ago, the Tiny Dancer).

My paltry attempt at rest got me thinking about the whole point of the Nowhere To Be Project, to refine and document the art of doing nothing. Two weeks in and I do feel happier, my blood pressure has dropped a bit and I think I’ve even shed a few pounds. Despite these positives, I still catch myself rushing, multitasking and generally freaking out when there is no need to. These fruitless behaviors remind me of the recurring nightmare I have where I forget to show up for final exams. Old dysfunctional habits die hard, I guess. Hopefully, ten weeks on the road will stamp them out for good. Until then, I’ll just lay here amid the vapors dreaming about the open road (instead of failed exams, I hope:-).

California is Calling

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6 thoughts on “Day 13: Rest, the Open Road and the Tiny Dancer, too

  1. It’s so nice to master the art of living simply & slowly. Makes you appreciate the small things like cooking daily, good food, good conversations, good books, etc. love the chill vibe of your posts

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