Day 121: Travel Sweet Spot

Day 121: Travel Sweet Spot

On Day 121 of the Nowhere To Be Project I bid farewell to our latest round of visitors. Per usual, they fell in love with Vail and hated to leave. They were here for just shy of a week and this got me thinking about the notion of a sweet spot in terms of travel days. Depending on the person, it can be a sort of a Goldilocks situation…too short, too long or just right.

When my husband and I first got together he thought any trip longer than three days was excessive. Can you imagine? Sometimes I can’t get my vacation groove on until at least day five! As a result, I prefer longer voyages of at least three weeks whether they be by land, air or sea. For me, that is the travel sweet spot. I like it because it gives me plenty of time to immerse myself in a culture and yet I don’t feel too disconnected from the realities of life. The funny thing is that I can come back from a weeks long adventure for a day or two and be ready to go again immediately. My husband has come around a lot and accompanies me on my near constant travel. He is still fighting me though on the Viking Cruises World Voyage that I’m positively craving. It is four months long and covers 21 countries! How fabulous is that? I’ll keep working on him. In the meantime, what’s your travel sweet spot?

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  1. I’d say a month is a great amount of time for a trip, but it totally depends on what I’m doing and how many places I want to see! That cruise sounds amazing, I hope you get to do it and I’d love to hear all about it 🙂

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