Day 110: Relaxing Into Travel

Day 110: Relaxing Into Travel

Day 110 of the Nowhere To Be Project was all about fine tuning our upcoming travel plans. We’re embarking on an ocean cruise with Viking in several weeks and it was time to book the excursions. That is always a challenge for me because I want to do them all and it is hard to narrow it down to just one per day. Conversely, I also try to leave as much unstructured time as possible because we like to explore aimlessly in new places. It was also time to tighten up our fall and winter RV road trip plans where we’ll hide from the worst of winter in coastal California, Washington and Oregon.

In the middle of all of this fun, my daughter reached out for advice on a cruise she’s booking for March. She has just one week of vacation time and the cruise will be her only trip next year. With such limited time, she feels pressure to plan each day ad nauseam in an effort make every moment as perfect as can be. After speaking with her I was taken back to the time when we had mere days available to wander each year. I feel so grateful for the endless free time we now enjoy. We live as if each day is a holiday, without that urgency to make each vacation day a Hallmark moment. We’ve literally relaxed into travel and couldn’t be happier!

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