Day 11: The Easy Way Down

Day 11: The Easy Way Down

My son and me
Day 11 of the Nowhere To Be Project was spent skiing on Vail Mountain. I’ve been skiing since I was two years old and learned how to do it on this very hill. I can remember a time when pretty much any black run was appealing to me. That time has most certainly passed. I almost never choose the black runs these days, but prefer the blue groomers. As a seasoned skier, I initially felt bad about this. It felt like cheating. Why would anyone ever choose to take the easy way down (or out)?

Fighting with a mountain used to be so much fun…such a challenge! I’d feel accomplished when I’d reached the bottom with all limbs intact. Nowadays, fun for me is a gentle ride with a great view and a pit stop to visit the lovable avalanche rescue dogs. I think this change has evolved from a life full of unexpected thrill rides. Seeing my children heartbroken. Betrayal from those I held so dear. Holding my mom’s hand as she suffered through the process of death. These things were much harder to endure than any mountain and the scars left in their wake seemed to dull my desire for thrill-seeking. Sometimes, the easy way just feels good.

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