Day 10: The Seduction of Seclusion

Day 10: The Seduction of Seclusion

Day ten of the Nowhere To Be Project opened my eyes to the art and seduction of seclusion. We have been looking for an indoor option to store our RV when it isn’t in use. We found an advertisement that sounded promising and decided to drive 85 miles to check it out. We climbed our way through the mountains and off-roaded a bit before finally reaching a sprawling 90-acre ranch.

A genial older gentleman greeted us and showed us the available space. He explained that he and his wife have lived on this ranch for nearly twenty blissful years. He told us how he built his unique stretch of paradise with great pride and enthusiasm. He went on to say, with a wide grin, that due to the limitations of getting on in age, they are no longer able to ride their horses, plow through the terrain on their snowmobiles, or hike the many available trails. Clearly, he has no regrets and is absolutely making the most of his days. He seemed completely seduced by the land and we could certainly see why.

As we drove away, we discussed the beauty and remoteness of the ranch along with how utterly satisfied our new friend is with his spot in the world. I also wondered if I would reach a point where I was seduced by the seclusion of a single place, no longer aching to roam. I came to the conclusion that the seduction of seclusion is not necessarily tied to a specific place. Rather, it is a state of mind that results from gratitude for the gift of all of life’s moments no matter where they take place, past, present and future.

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