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Day 188: Fall Color

Day 188 ushered in the first day of obvious color change among the Aspen leaves in Vail. Change is in the air and the leaves are doing their thing with color! Just imagine green, yellow, orange, pink and red as far as your eyes can see. That is our incredible reality right now. Even more …

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Day 181: A Rose By Any Other Name???The Impossible Burger Controversy Flies at The Rose in Edwards, Colorado

On day 181 of the Nowhere To Be Project I lunched at The Rose in Edwards, Colorado. The Rose is located at 97 Main Street West (suite 102B) in Edwards, Colorado. This was my second visit to the quaint café, both being at lunchtime. On my first visit I sat outside on the small patio. …


Day 170: The Legend of the Pubsub

On day 170 of the Nowhere To Be Project I enjoyed a little bit of heaven in my hometown. This ethereal feeling wasn’t found through visiting old friends, or family or even my favorite haunts. The joy was created by a Pubsub. If you’re from the south, you’ve no doubt delighted in a Pubsub as …


Day 31: Three Drinks

I was in the air on day 31 of the Nowhere To Be Project. Flying just isn’t fun anymore. The flights are always overbooked. There are too many people and far too many bags in a stifled space. I thought I was mentally prepared though with a good book in hand. I planned on four …


Day 21: Miles and Miles of Markets

Day 21 of the Nowhere To Be Project was focused on organizing my upcoming travels. If you’ve read my blog before, you know that I absolutely live to travel. So, tomorrow I’m going to Denver for an overnight. The following week I’ll be in Florida for a wedding. At the end of April I’m heading …

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Day 2: The Upgrade Rainbow

As children, we’re taught that rainbows bring good fortune in the form of luck and pots of gold. Today I learned that this is not the case in Maui. Here, rainbows bring upgrades. This realization came after spotting one of the most beautifully vivid rainbows while on a shuttle to our resort. It was so …